To build an integration with WooCommerce, your developer will require the API Keys. With WooCommerce there are two keys, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Using these two, your developer will be authorized to access the products, categories and other details necessary to build an app for your e-commerce store.

Follow the steps below to find your WooCommerce store’s Consumer Key & Consumer Secret.

Step 1: Visit the API tab in your WooCommerce Settings page. At the top (just under the main tabs) you will find 3 options - Settings, Keys/Apps and Webhooks. Click Keys/Apps, and then click the Add Key button.

WooCommerce -> Settings -> API -> Keys/Apps -> Add Key

Your link would be something like this: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=api§ion=keys&create-key=1.Once you go to this page, you will see the following screen:


Step 2:  Type “Vajro Mobile App” under Description, and choose the permission “Read/Write” (as shown in the image below). Then click “Generate API key”.

WooCommerce has options for you to restrict the permission for your developer to Read & Read/Write. To develop a mobile application one would require the Read/Write permission.


Step 3: Once you generate the API Key, you will get the Key details in the next page. You need to copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and send it to your developer.


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