Hello there!

Once you have customised your app, seen a fully functional demo of it on your smartphone, and you think it is good to go live, we will be there waiting to upload your app to the Stores.

Just a few things you would want to check first:

  1. You have both Apple and Google Developer Accounts. 

  2. You have invited us to your Apple Developer and Google Developer  accounts.

  3. You have enabled the Native Checkout in the Console Page, under "More Options"

  4. You have completed the Store Listing.

  5. You have activated the billing.

Well, you are all set then. We will upload your app to the Stores. Google takes a couple of hours to approve the app, while Apple takes a couple of days.

So both your apps will be live on the Stores in 3-4 days.

Yipeee !!!!! 

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