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Vajro's pricing is pretty simple. 

The first most important thing we do is not to charge you anything until you decide to make the app live on the Stores. This means that you customise the app in our Console Page to your heart's content, see the changes in real time in a fully functional demo on your phone, you are satisfied with the look and feel of the app, and then you give us the go-ahead. Once you are OK with everything, you can activate the billing, and we will upload the apps to the App Store. 

You can also activate the billing once you are done with the developer accounts so that you don't lose time waiting after you activate the billing. You will be charged 14 days after you activate the billing. This is the trial period we allow you so that you are fully satisfied with your live app on the Stores.

And now on to the pricing plans.

We have two plans: Standard Plan and Advanced Plan.

Standard Plan - $20/mo (billed annually) or $25/mo (billed monthly)

Advanced Plan - $100/mo (billed annually) or $120/mo (billed monthly)

To see a Feature Comparison in the plans, please check our detailed Pricing Page.

In case you have any questions about features you do not understand or if you want to add anything, please drop us a message in the chat pop-up or mail us at: [email protected]

We are usually more than happy to help :)

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