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As you are customising your app in our Build page, you can actually see the real-time changes in the app in your Android phones and iPhones.

It will be a fully functional demo of your app.

Demo on Android Phone

You can see the demo in the Android App by downloading our SneakPeek App from the PlayStore.

You have to enter the name of your store. Just type first three letters of your store, and it will auto-suggest the rest.

Then it will ask you for a code, which we would have sent to you through email (the e-mail you would have used in your Shopify Account). If not just ask us! Drop us a message in the pop-up and we will give it to you.

Demo on iPhone

To see the demo in your iPhone, just mail us your Apple iCloud email ID, and we will send you an invite.

You will get an invite from Apple's TestFlight Program. Open it on your phone and download our Preview app to view the demo app for your store.

One too many steps for iPhones? Sorry. Apple has its own strict guidelines, but at the end of the day it works in your favour. We are trying to find a workaround. Until then..bear with the system.

And if you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected], or drop us a line in the chat pop-up on the Console Page.

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