Let’s quickly take a look at setting up the AVADA Size Chart plug-in with Vajro!

Note: If the plug-in is enabled on Shopify app, skip to Step 16 to enable it on your Vajro mobile app.

Step 1: Go to the Shopify admin console, navigate to the “Apps” tab from the sidebar

Step 2: Click on “Visit the Shopify App Store”

Step 3: In the search bar, type in ‘AVADA Size Chart’ and search for the plug-in

Step 4: Select ‘AVADA Size Chart’ from the search results, and click on the app

Step 5: On the app installation page, click on the ‘Add app’ button

Step 6: Click ‘Install app’

Step 7: Visit the Shopify admin console, and navigate to the apps section

Step 8: Select “AVADA Size Chart

Step 9: Select Campaigns from the Primary Menu

Step 10: Click ‘New Campaign’ to add respective size charts

Step 11: Here’s what you’ll see after adding a Campaign

Step 12: Select Dashboard in Primary Menu

Step 13: Enable App status to use the size guides

Step 14: Select the product that you applied in AVADA Size Chart, and click on the Size Chart button on the right side of the screen

Step 15: You will see the size chart popup on your screen

Step 16: To Enable AVADA Size Chat in your Vajro app, go to the Vajro admin console

Step 17: Go to the integration section and search for ‘AVADA Size Chart’

Step 18: Select the plug-in, and press enable button

Step 19: A green tick mark will appear in the right corner of the plug-in, indicating that it has been enabled successfully

Creating your own charts

Step 1: Go to your AVADA console and head over to the Campaigns section

Step 2: Click on “New Campaign”

Step 3: Type in the name and the priority of the campaign. (When two or more campaigns are of the same name, the one that has the higher priority gets displayed)

Step 4: Under “What to show”, pick the item that is relevant to the product

Step 5: Under “Where to show”, you can select if you want the chart to apply for all products, or you can apply it manually, or even automate it to display for similar campaigns or products

Customizing your charts

Step 1: Select New Campaign on the AVADA size chart console

Step 2: Go to the "What to show" tab

Step 3: Select the preset you prefer, and scroll down to customize it

You can change or remove the image, the background color, text with absolute ease

Here’s what your shoppers will see!

On the product page, when your shoppers see the size guide of the product when they click on the Size Chart button.

Enjoy using AVADA Size Charts to minimize returns due to sizing issues and improve you conversion rate!

So, what should I do to avail the feature?

Nothing! The feature is available for all customers from the Startup plan onwards! All you need is the Vajro Admin app and you’re all good!

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