Vajro’s Product stickers will enable you to direct your customers’ attention towards specific products that are on sale, and help you boost sales and conversions. Setting up this nifty little feature is extremely easy and takes no time at all!

Step 1: Go to your Vajro admin console, and select Product Stickers under the Edit Home Page section.

Step 2: Select a sticker from our presets under various categories.

Once you select a category, you will be able to pick out a sticker to display over the products of your choice.

Step 3: Pick the tag that you would like to have the sticker on. This gets picked from your Shopify inventory.

Step 4: Once you enable the sticker, you would be able to check the status of the sticker on your dashboard.


1. If you have any Search & Filter integrations enabled, this feature will not function as of now.

2. If you label a product with two or more stickers, the latest sticker will take the priority over the ones that were previously applied.

3. The product tags support upto 250 tags from Shopify. If a store has more than 250 product tags, it will only display the first 250 in the product dropdown list. If you're looking for a product that isn't on the list, you can type in the tag as it is on Shopify and press Enter to select it.

Out of Stock

  1. Select a sticker you'd like to have displayed on your products that have run out of stock and click on Continue.

2. You will see that the product tags that have run out of stock have been selected by default for the stickers to appear over. Click on Publish Sticker for the sticker to go live.

You can also duplicate, edit or delete the sticker using the drop down menu that appears when you click on actions.

Here’s how your sticker would appear for your shoppers!

Label your products with Vajro’s Product stickers, and sell out your products in no time! The feature is available for our patrons in the Growth and Power Premium plans, and no, you don't need to update your app to avail this feature.

P.S. Custom stickers will be available soon!

Got any queries? Reach out to us right away at [email protected]!

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