It's simple to get activate the integration for your Shopify store! Offer loyalty and reward points to your shoppers and improve customer loyalty!

Step 1 : Once you install the LoyaltyLion from the Shopify store, go to the Vajro admin dashboard and navigate to the Customize Content section. On the Customize Content page, click on the Add New button next to Quick Links

Step 2: Create a My Rewards button and click on the Save Changes button

Step 3: To enable the integration, go to the Integrations page and select LoyaltyLion under the Loyalty Program & Rewards Points category

Step 4: Press the Save Changes and Enable button to activate the plugin

Step 5: Should you choose to disable the rewards, go to My Rewards and delete My Reward Button by clicking on the trash can icon on the right side

Psst! The plugin is available for users from the Power Premium plan.

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