You asked for it, you got it!

The wait is over. Reservation and Waiting list are now a part of Facebook's live video selling, and we're thrilled to unveil these features to you!

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Before we proceed, make sure your app is updated.

Go to the Apps section on your Shopify admin dashboard, and click on Vajro.

Once you get redirected to the app page, scroll down and click on Update app

So, here's how it works!

Let's say you go live on your Facebook page with a product called "GREY" and it has 2 L in stock.

When a customer comments on the live saying "Sold 101 GREY L", they'll get a direct message on their Facebook messenger with a checkout link to their order.

When they click on Pay Now, your customers will see a prompt requesting them to register with Vajro in order to proceed with their order.

Note: This is a one-time process and is valid for all live sales in the future!

Once, they register, they'll be taken to their cart that has 3 different bags. - Reserved, Waitlisted and Expired

Reserved List

When there's stock available, their orders get enlisted under the Reserved list. (Existing users will be redirected to this page directly!)

The item stays on the Reserved list for 6 hours before the reservation expires, at which point, the item moves to the Expired list.

When they click on Checkout, they'd be redirected to the Shopify checkout page where they would fill their shipping and billing details and seal the deal.

Note: If the order doesn't get completed within 5 minutes after clicking on checkout, the item moves to the Expired list by default.

If your customers wish to remove the item from the Reserved list, they can click on the x mark next to the respective item.


When a customer comments "Sold 101 GREY L" when there is no more stock left, they get a direct message letting them know that their item is on Waitlist.

When they click on View Waitlist, they'd be taken to their cart where their order would be under the Waitlist. (Again, new users would have to register first!)

This customer will be notified over email

  • Whenever the product is back in stock,
  • If someone who has already reserved it renounces their order
  • If the item expires on someone's Reserved list

At that point, the item moves to their Reserved list.

Expired List

The item is moved to the Expired list when one of the following three things happen:

  • When the 6 hour timer runs out on their Reserved list
  • When the payment process isn't complete 5 minutes after hitting Checkout
  • When the user decides to cancel their order

And done! It's as simple as that!

Still got doubts? Write to us at [email protected] !

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