Vajro lets you personalize your app to suit your brand’s color and image. This personalization is necessary for your loyal audience to connect with your app and feel comfortable using it.

Head over to the Vajro dashboard and take a look around the Personalize Branding section!

App Name

Enter a title for your app. We know that it’s usually just the name of your store. But if you’d like to give the app a different name, by all means, go for it!

Brand Colors and Identity

Here’s where you personalize the app’s look completely to suit your brand’s colors.

If you’re not aware of the hex codes of the colors on your website, you can obtain them using chrome extensions like ColorPick Eyedropper. All you need to do is hover over the color and you can just pick out the hex codes of the respective colors.

The overall theme color refers to the overall color scheme of your app.

Button color is the color of the CTA box.

Cart icon’s badge is the color of the notification on the cart indicating the number of items in the cart.

Cart icon badge text color is the color of the text in the badge.

Toolbar text/icon color is the color of the text that appears in the toolbar and so on in the app.

App Icon

Pretty self explanatory! Just keep in mind that the image needs to be a minimum of 1024 px * 1024 px for the icon to be clear.

Toolbar Logo

Include your store logo with your app name at the top of the app screen. Again, there is a minimum requirement of 1000px * 250 px.

Did we mention that you can see all these changes real-time in the preview on the right side?

There we go! A mobile app that perfectly reflects your brand's image!

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