Size guides and charts play a major role in minimizing returns due to size mismatches and fitting issues! Vajro has partnerships with two top rated apps on Shopify - Kiwi Size Chart and Variant Size Chart/Size Guide. Here's how you enable these integrations for your mobile app.

Head over to the Plugins section of the Vajro admin dashboard, and click on View Collection

Kiwi Sizing Chart

Step 1: Go to the Size Charts category. You'll find Kiwi Sizing Chart enlisted among the plugins. Click on it

Step 2: You'll see a dialog box appear on your screen when you click on Kiwi Sizing Chart. Click on Enable to activate the plugin for your app

Variant Size Chart/Size Guide

Step 1: Find Variant Size Chart/Size Guide under the Size Charts category, and click on it

Step 2: Click on Enable Now in the dialog box that appears on your screen

And done! Enjoy the benefits of minimized returns with Kiwi Size Chart and Variant Size Chart/Size Guide!

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