Social proofs and reviews are one of the easiest ways to build a great rapport with your customers, which in turn improves loyalty among your audience. Okendo Reviews offers one the best platforms for Shopify stores to leverage social proofs and maximize conversion rates.

Implementing the plugin is very easy, and here’s how it goes!

FYI, the plugin is available for our customers from the Power Premium plan.

Step 1: Go to the Integrations section on your Vajro admin dashboard, and click on the Product Reviews category. You’ll find Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC among the plugins

Step 2: You’ll see a dialog box requesting you for a User ID

Step 3: Head over to the Okendo dashboard, and click on Settings on the navigation bar on your left

Step 4: Go to the Integrations section. Copy the User ID indicated in the image.

Step 5: Paste it in the dialog box on your Vajro dashboard, and click on Save & Enable Now

You’ll see an indicator that says Enabled under the plugin, implying that the plugin has been successfully activated for your app!

That’s it, you’re all good!

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