Loox reviews enables shoppers to leave product reviews, photo reviews, and video reviews. This social proof adds credibility to what you're selling and helps build trust with a potential shopper. With this integration, you can bring all of these elements to your mobile app as well.

The plugin is available for our customers from the Growth plan onwards!

With Loox, your customers can:

  • Leave text reviews

  • Attach images & videos with their reviews

  • Rate products out of 5 stars

Here's how you can enable the plugin!

Step 1: Head over to the Plugins section on your Vajro dashboard. Find Loox Product Reviews & Photos under the Product Reviews category and click on it

Step 2: You'll see a dialog box requesting a private token

Step 3: To acquire the private token, first head to the Loox dashboard and go to the Settings section

Step 4: Go to the Google Shopping section under Integrations

Step 5: Scroll down to the part that says Your Google Shopping integration link and copy the characters and digits after reviews/ and before the . in the URL as shown in the screenshot

Alternatively, you can also find the private token this way:

Under Integrations, you'll find Aftership

All you need to do is copy the characters between aftership/ and the period [.] as highlighted in the screenshot.

Step 6: Paste the code in the dialog box on your Vajro dashboard, and click on Save & Enable Now

Et voila! You're all done!

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