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How to Enable Buy Now Pay Later - Afterpay Plugin.
How to Enable Buy Now Pay Later - Afterpay Plugin.

Offer buy now pay later options and maximize conversions!

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Follow these simple steps to enable the Buy Now Pay Later Payment option on your Vajro mobile app.

Note: The integration is available for our users from the Core plan onwards.

Step 1: Kindly open the vajro dashboard/ integration section/ buy now pay later category/ Afterpay ( enable the plugin if the same is active on the website.

Step 2: Set the minimum product price at $35 and click on Save & Enable Now

Limitations: Vajro supports Afterpay plugin in the product page, once it is enabled from dashboard by setting the minimum product price.
We do not show the Afterpay banner in the cart page, but user can use this payment gateway while checkout.


Product Page Banner
Cart Page Banner


Product Page Banner

Product page view of the Afterpay banner:

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