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How to enable SearchSpring

Enhance shopping experience with an improved navigation functionality

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Optimize your app search experience and see a significant increase in conversion rates with SearchSpring.


What you can do with the plugin

  • Search & Category Merchandising - Custom filter order

What we don't support

  • Autocomplete

  • Spelling Correction

  • Leverage All Your Data

  • Product Awareness

  • IntelliSuggest Elevations

  • Expanded Search

  • Did You Mean

  • Synonyms

  • Insights & Reporting

  • Product Recommendations

  • Product Finders

  • Guided Selling


The plugin is available only for our users in the Premium and Plus plans.

Enabling the plugin

Step 1: Go to the Plugin section on your Vajro dashboard. Under Search, sort and filter category, find SearchSpring.

Step 2: Enter the SearchSpring site ID and click on Save & Enable Now.

What your customers will see

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