Follow these simple steps to enable the Klarna On-Site Messaging integration on your Vajro mobile app.

Note: If you have enabled ‘Klarna Onsite Messaging‘ on your website, skip to Step 9 to install on your mobile app.

PS: Klarna On-Site Messaging integration is available only from startup plan onwards and it only works if the respective integration is integrated on your Shopify web store as well.

Step 1: If you have enabled Klarna payment options in your shop, then install ‘Klarna On-Site Messaging’. On the Apps page click on ‘Visit the Shopify App Store’

Step 2: Type ‘Klarna’ in search and press enter.

Step 3: Click on ‘Klarna On-site Messaging’ app

Step 4: Click on ‘Add app’ button.

Step 5: Click ‘Install app’ button to install the Klarna plugin

Step 6: In Apps click on ‘Klarna On-site Messaging’.

Step 7: If you're asked for ‘Merchant ID’, enter the ID that is in the Klarna Merchant Portal of your account. Sometimes it recognizes the Merchant ID from when you installed the plugin. Click on ‘New Ad Position’ to set widget on Product Pages.

Step 8: Choose ‘Product Page’

Step 9: Select the placement for ‘Product Detail‘ page and save the widget

Step 10: To enable ‘Klarna Onsite Messaging’ on Vajro console, on the Apps page click on ‘Vajro Mobile App Platform

Step 11: On the Integrations page, click on ‘Klarna On-site Messaging’ under Buy Now Pay Later Options

Step 12: Select the kind of installment option you'd like to offer your customers in the drop down menu in the prompt that pops up on your screen

Step 13: Finally click ‘Save Changes’ button. The payment widget will be shown in the product pages on your Vajro app

Here's what your customers will see!

On the product page, your customers will see an option to buy now and pay later with Karna On-Site Messaging plug-in's logo.

Once they click on the option, they'll see a confirmation prompt.

All they have to do is complete the payment after entering their credit card or debit card details once they select the option, and click on Complete Order.

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