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Vajro's live selling allows you to reach a wider audience by going live on both your mobile app and Facebook pages. It comes with a variety of features like cart hold, live replays, and draft sales that you can use to make the most out of your live selling sessions.

Here’s how you set it up!

Note: You'll need two devices to use Vajro's live selling - One computer/laptop to carry out the setup on the Vajro dashboard, and a mobile phone to stream the live session using the Vajro Admin App.

Vajro Dashboard Setup

Step 1: Go to your Vajro dashboard, and click on Live selling.

When you’re a first-time user, this is what you’ll see - hit the Start Live session button to start your setup.

Step 2: Enter a title for your live video session, select your target audience for the session, and enable or disable Cart Hold right here during the setup.

Step 3: Select the products you want to feature during the live selling session.

Manual selection can be done by clicking on the drop-down menu and picking products out. Products once added, are automatically saved in the dashboard. If you wish to delete a product, click on the delete button next to the respective product on the list.

Barcode Scanning is quite a straightforward process. You just need to scan the barcode of the product you’d like to sell on the live sale, and it'll automatically get added to the product list.

🛈 Please note that you require a physical barcode scanner and printed barcode label for you to be able to use this functionality. Your product is required to have either the SKU or the barcode to be able to add it to the product list.

Step 4: You can even send push notifications to your audience to let them know when you go live. Click on the Setup Push Notifications toggle button. Type in the Notification Title and the content that will go on the notification under the Notification Description.

Step 5: Once you're done, click on the Go Live Now! button.

Setting up multiple Live Sales

You can set up multiple live sales in advance so you can use them later when you launch your live sale.

Step 1: Start a live sale session, enter all the details, and click Schedule for Later/Save as Draft.

Step 2: If you'd like to start a new sale or create more drafts, click on Create Sale and repeat the step mentioned above.

You can also save time by duplicating the setups and settings of a live sale, especially when you want to broadcast the same products or target the same audience in many live sales.

You can do this by selecting the menu to the right of the live sale you want to duplicate and by choosing Duplicate.

🛈 The duplicate live sales are assigned a default name which you can change at any time. Note that you cannot duplicate an ongoing live sale.

When you're ready to go live after the setup is complete, select the sale you want to go live with and click Create Sale.

Once this is done, you'll need to initiate the session on your Vajro admin app!

Going Live with Vajro Admin App

Step 1: Go to your Vajro admin app on your mobile, and click on the Live Video button at the bottom right. Once you're ready to start the session, click on "Start Now!"

Step 2: Click on Start Live. You'll see a prompt on your screen saying that your live sale setup is pending.

Step 3: Once the sale has been set up on your dashboard, you're good to go live!

Note: Once you go live, please make sure this button is toggled on so that your viewers can hear you talk.

Back to the Dashboard

Head back to your Vajro Dashboard, and click on Go Live to initiate the live session.

Let's quickly go over what each button on the dashboard does!

  • Click on the Add product button to select products that are to be displayed on the live session either manually or using a barcode scanner.

  • View Variants and Inventories - Click on this link to check how many variants are left for the product that's live currently.

  • The user can look around the rack and view any product specs while a product is live, and see which product is live at the moment on the Control section.

The View button beneath each product enables the user to select any product from the rack to display next. You will be able to move around the Control section to preview the products that are currently on the rack.

Managing Comments

You can also manage your user comments during a live session from the dashboard. All your viewers’ comments can be viewed and managed in the comments section on the right side of the dashboard.

Merchants can choose to view all comments, comments from bots, and Facebook comments.

Chat Bots

Vajro’s live selling offers 3 bots to break the ice and create FOMO among your viewers - The Hello bot, the Add-to-Cart bot, and the Wishlist bot. You can enable each bot and customize the messaging as you wish by heading to the Preference tab, in the Bots section on your live selling dashboard.

Note: When you switch products during a session, make sure you click on View on the respective product on your dashboard to ensure that the right product overlay is on display when you are talking about that product.

At the end of your Live sale session, you will see a prompt pop up on your screen letting you know that your session has successfully been completed. You will be able to download a CSV report of all the customers that participated in the live session and analyze the efficiency of your session.

Note: Minimum App version required. Please contact the Support team.


Head over to the History tab on the Live selling dashboard.

You can download the live session by clicking on the Download Video button

Live sessions that were just done take some time to process before you can download them.

More Options

Change Rewynd Thumbnail - Change the thumbnail for the replay clip to be featured on your app homepage.

Export Viewers - Export a list of all the viewers from the live session.

Rewynd - Enable or disable the live sale replay widget for the video.

Details - Go back and check what products were put on sale and the chat messages.

Keep settings - Start a new live session with the same settings.

Rename - Rename the live session title.


Find a list of users that you’ve blocked, some other features, and a bunch of FAQs that you might need!


Under the Viewer section, you can:

  • Hide or show the product quantity.

  • Hide or show variants of products that are out of stock.

  • Hide or show viewer count.

  • Enable or disable viewers from using emojis in comments.

  • Enable or disable real-time viewer count.

  • Allow users to access the reserved cart from the side menu.

  • Allow users to access the reserved cart from the cart page.


Under the broadcaster section, you can:

  • Enable or disable the mirror view.

  • Enable or disable real-time viewer count.

  • Go live with the rear camera.


The Bots section allows you to enable and customize each bot and its message. Vajro’s live selling offers 3 bots to break the ice and create FOMO among your viewers - The Hello bot, the Cart bot, and the Wishlist bot.

Blocked Users

See a list of all the viewers that you’ve blocked. You can unblock viewers here if you wish to.

Facebook DMs

Customize each auto-invoicing message and CTA as you wish under the Facebook DMs section.

Click on the Edit button

Customize the content as you wish, and click on the Update button.

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