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Working With Vajro's Widgets
Working With Vajro's Widgets

Get to know your widgets and how you can use them

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The Customize Content tab in the left navigation pane houses over 14 widgets. With simple drag-and-drop functionalities, you can design the home page of your app looks exactly how you want it to be.

If you'd like to learn more about our Design Editor, read this!

To get started with, click on the Add Widget button at the top of the screen.

You’ll see a pop-up on the right consisting of all available widgets. Scroll down to browse through all the widgets.

Let's look at each of these widgets separately.

  1. Instagram Feed

You can dedicate a section of your home screen to display what you post on your Instagram account. Connecting your social media to your app is a great way to engage with your customers and keep them updated when you have new products or other announcements to make.

Log in to your Instagram to pair it with your app. Add a catchy title to this section to keep your shoppers hooked.

Feel free to use any of these examples:

  • From the gram

  • Follow us on Instagram

  • A hashtag that you frequently use


2. Image Grid with Text

This widget is great for displaying collections of products with cornered image frames. Each tile displayed in the section can be a category of products that you wish to highlight. A lot of our customers use this to display collections.

See the icons over the image tiles? You can use those to rearrange collections, upload product/collection images, enter the redirect link when shoppers click on it, and delete it altogether, in that order.


3. Empty Space

Empty space not only creates harmony and balance to your design, it also leads the reader from one element to another. Spacing out your content adequately will keep your app simple and uncluttered and ensure your shoppers aren't overwhelmed with all the product images.

Vajro lets you pick the size and color of the empty space.

4. Product Grid

The product grid works like the image grid except that it comes without the text in the middle of the image. Your shoppers can scroll through the collections or products to pick a collection.

5. Product Slider

Select a collection of products that you want to feature as a slider that can be slid across by viewers to see all the images.

Just give the section a title, and pick a collection that you want to have featured, and you’re all good!


6. Circle Image Slider

The Circle Image Slider can be used to display products or collections with circular frames. It works just like the product slider in all other aspects.

7. Auto Slider Image

Similar to the circle slider image, but the Auto Slider moves on to other images automatically.

8. Banner Images

Announce sales, offers, new products and so much more with banner images!


9. Image Grid Without Text

Best suited for products from a single collection or category. You can customize and link each image to its product page.

Click on the third icon over the product images to link it to the respective product pages.

10. Slidable Banner Images

Feature multiple images, sales, offers and so much more with slidable banner images.

11. Video

You can now add promotional videos, product videos, testimonials and so much more to your homescreen. The possibilities are endless! We only support MP4 and MOV formats, btw! So, just convert before you upload, yeah? We will soon be introducing the option to upload a video directly in our dashboard!


12. Countdown Timer

Build anticipation for a product launch or a sale with a countdown timer.

You can set up the timer to go whenever you want, add a banner image and a redirect link to the page it needs to go to!

13. StorifyMe

Add story-like widgets to your app's homepage. All you need to do is make sure you enable the plugin on your Vajro dashboard. And then when you add the widget, give it a title and paste the Widget ID from StorifyMe's admin dashboard.

If you'd like to enable the StorifyMe plugin on your app, check out this article.

14. Live Video Banner

Add a live video banner to your app's home page with a banner image

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