You can now stream your live sale sessions on your Facebook pages and groups, and this process takes no time at all! How about that, huh!

When you setup up your live sale session on the Blynk dashboard, all you need to do is pick the Facebook page or group you want the sale to be streamed on in the Select Target Audience section in the Setup page.

Step 1: Select if you want the live sale to stream on a page. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account. Select the page you want the sale to stream on. Make sure you click on Save Changes right after you’re done linking your Facebook account.

Step 2: Once your Facebook page or group has been linked, you’ll see a prompt on your live sale screen on your mobile app confirming the same.


  • Works only if you’re the admin of the page or owner of the group that you want the sale to stream on
  • Works on only one group or one page at a time for the time being
  • Cannot be streamed only on Facebook, ie, the streaming will happen simultaneously on the mobile app as well


On the Target audience selection section, select Facebook Groups.

If the group is public, the process is quite similar to streaming on a Facebook page. However, if the group is private, you will have to add Vajro to your private group!

Here's how you can go about it!

🛈 Product purchases cannot be made while streaming the live sale session on Facebook groups.

Note: Auto invoicing function does not work on Facebook groups at the moment.


Auto-invoicing is a feature we’re happy to incorporate on Facebook live sale stream. The idea is to simplify the invoicing process for shoppers who buy from Live sales on Facebook pages.

The feature is only available on Facebook pages right now, and helps enhance your shoppers’ experience.

Step 1: Label each product on your rack. This would help your viewers to leave comments for the respective products they wish to purchase.

Step 2: All your customers need to do is leave the respective comment of the product their wish to purchase in the comments section

🛈 Click on View Variants and Inventories to see if the product has different variants to pick from, and add the respective title of the variant to the comment to get the right product

Step 3: As soon as they leave the comment, they will automatically receive a direct message of a link that would take them to the invoice page from you

Step 4: Your viewers will have to enter their shipping details and payment details to proceed with their purchase.

🛈 Details will be auto-filled if your viewers are currently logged in to your mobile app.

Once the session ends, you’ll the media your live sale was streamed on

And there you go! You’ve finally streamed your live sale session on your Facebook page/group as well!

Note that you need to update your Vajro Admin app to be able to stream on your Facebook with the best video quality!

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