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Streaming Live Video sales on Facebook
Streaming Live Video sales on Facebook
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You can now stream your live sale sessions on your Facebook pages, and this process takes no time at all! How about that, huh!

Note: This article is about streaming your live sale on Facebook pages. If you'd like to stream your live sale session on a Facebook group, read this article.

When you set up your live sale session on the Live Selling dashboard, all you need to do is pick the Facebook page/group you want the sale to be streamed on in the Select Audience section on the setup page.

Step 1: Select if you want the live sale to stream on a page. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account.

Enter your Facebook credentials and you’ll see a screen that lets you connect Vajro with your Facebook account. Hit Ok.

This will let your Vajro account post your live stream to your Facebook page. Select the page you want to go live on and click on Save Changes.

If you have more than one page, they'll all be listed here.

Step 2: Once your Facebook page has been linked, you’ll see a message on your screen confirming that the streaming has begun.


  • Works only if you’re the admin of the page that you want the sale to stream on

  • Works on only one page at a time for the time being

  • Cannot be streamed only on Facebook, i.e., the streaming will happen simultaneously on the mobile app as well


Once you link your Facebook page with your app, auto-invoicing will work automatically.

Step 1: Label each product on your rack. This would help your viewers to leave comments for the respective products they wish to purchase.

Click on View Variants and Inventories to see if the product has different variants to pick from, and add the respective title of the variant to the comment to get the right product

Step 2: All your customers need to do is leave the respective comment of the product they wish to purchase in the comments section. This will be displayed during the live sale as an overlay to make it easy for your shoppers. When customers comment on this, they’ll be automatically invoiced in their DMs with the link to the product.

Step 3: As soon as they leave the comment, they will automatically receive a direct message with a link that will take them to the invoice page from you

Step 4: Your viewers will have to enter their shipping details and payment details to proceed with their purchase.

🛈 Details will be auto-filled if your viewers are currently logged in to your mobile app.

Once the session ends, you’ll the media your live sale was streamed on

And there you go! You’ve finally streamed your live sale session on your Facebook page as well!

Managing comments

Now all the comments from Facebook and the app will all be on the dashboard in a single chat console!

You can toggle around to see comments from both the medium, or just the mobile app, or just the Facebook stream, as per your preference.

P.S. If you enter a message on the chat box in the dashboard, the message goes to the App only. If you'd like to respond on your Facebook Stream, you will have to do so on the Facebook Live link directly.

Also, if a Facebook page is connected with the respective live sale sessions, you'll see an indicator above the chat box to show you that you're live on Facebook as well.

Note: You need to update your Vajro Admin app on your mobile device to do a live stream on Facebook.

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