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Cart Holding - How does it work for your customers
Cart Holding - How does it work for your customers

Let your customers reserve their products and join waitlists

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Over the last few months, we’ve added a bunch of enhancements to Live Selling, our live selling module. Cart Hold and Waitlists are the recent additions and will help you increase sales during your live streams.

What is Cart Holding?

In fast-paced live sales where the demand for the products is high, customers buying multiple items lose out to those who check out with a single product. The products they’ve added to their carts get sold out before they can complete the checkout process. This leads to a lot of angry and upset customers.

Cart Hold helps prevent exactly this situation. The items in the cart will be held for a predefined period of time allowing users with larger order values to complete their purchases.

How it works on Live Selling

Enabling the cart hold feature for a live sale creates a separate cart that reserves products for your customers for a time period you configure. If the products are out of stock, shoppers will join a waitlist until the products are back in stock.

How to set up Cart Hold

Step 1: Go to your Vajro admin dashboard, and click on Live Selling.

When you’re a first-time user, this is what you’ll see! On this screen, hit the Start Live Session button to start your setup.

Step 2:

  • Click on Live Video Name and enter a title for your live video session. We've now made it mandatory for you to give a name for your sessions.

  • Select your target audience for the session: While choosing the target audience for the live session, you can also add your Facebook Page or Group! Make sure your Facebook Page or Group is connected to your account, and you're good to go.

  • Select products for the live session either manually, or using a barcode scanner.

Pro tip: Send a Push Notification to let your audience know that you're live and improve your engagement!

Note: Cart Hold will be disabled by default for users with multiple store locations and app locations.

Step 3: Click on Create Sale to complete the setup.

Once the setup is complete, you'll need to set up the session on your Vajro admin app as well!

Cart Hold on Mobile App

Your audience can click on the Buy Now button if they're interested in a product

They'll then have to pick their size/variant and click on the Reserve button. This will add their product to the Reserved list on their Reserved Cart if the product is in stock. If the product is out of stock, it'll get added to the Waitlist category in the Reserved Cart

The Reserved list consists of all the products that were claimed during a live session

NOTE: Each product will have its own countdown timer depending on when the product was reserved.

If the product is unavailable by the time a buyer tries to reserve it, they can get on the waitlist for when the product is back in stock. The Reserved Cart has a section titled Waitlisted that consists of all the products that were put on the waitlist during a session

The expired list consists of all the reserved products but ran out on time

Checkout Process

Customer checkout can be done by clicking on the Proceed to Checkout button in the Reserved Cart during the live sale.

After the live sale is done, customers can complete their purchase by clicking on the cart icon at the top right on the mobile app home page. They can simply head to the Reserved Cart section to find the products that they've reserved.

Customers can also complete their live sale purchase by heading to the Reserved Cart quick link

To add/customize the Live Sale Cart, head over to the Quick Links section, and select the Cart Hold - Live Sale option.

Reserved Cart in Quick Links and Cart screen can both be enabled under the Preference section, under the Viewers tab on the Live Selling dashboard.

Facebook Live

When you go live on Facebook, your customers can comment under the live session to reserve or waitlist products. Here's what it looks like:

Your audience has to comment as displayed at the top of the screen, and the comment has to follow that format.

If the product is in stock, the person commenting would receive a DM on Facebook prompting them to claim their products

If the product is not in stock, they'd get a DM prompting them to view their waitlist

Clicking on the prompts will take them to their Reserved Carts. The buyer needs to log in to their Facebook account to view their cart.

The Reserved Cart will have 3 sections. The Reserved section consists of all the products claimed during the live session that is in stock and ready for purchase.

All they need to do is click on Check Out and then click on Continue Checkout in the following prompt to complete their checkout.

The Waitlisted section consists of products that went out of stock.

The Expired section consists of products whose timers ran out


If you'd like a report of all the products that were reserved and waitlisted during a live session, go to the Cart Hold section on your Live Selling dashboard

The Cart Hold tab consists of all the products that were claimed during a live session.

Clicking on View Products will display a list of items that were reserved

Clicking on a particular list will pull up a list of items and variants that were reserved/waitlisted/purchased

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