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How to enable Zip Code Validator
How to enable Zip Code Validator

Enable Zip Code Validator in a few simple steps make it easier for your customers to check product availability

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Enable your customers to check product availability by entering their zip code to learn if it's available for their location or not.


With the Zip Code Validator plugin on Vajro, you can:

  • Prevent checkout when an invalid zip code is entered

  • Import zip codes in the form of CSV files

  • Configure the success and the error message on the dashboard

Vajro does not support the plugin on the PDP. We only support it on the Cart page. We also do not support positioning the validator based on configuration.


The plugin is available only for our users in the Premium and Plus plans.

In order to enable this integration on Vajro, you must be on Zip Code Validator's Advanced plan.

P.S. The plugin will work properly only if the "Ens Zip Code Validator" plugin is also enabled.

Enabling the plugin

Step 1: Head over to the Plugins section of the Vajro admin dashboard, and click on View Collection

Step 2: Go to the Others category, and scroll down to find Zip Code Validator

Step 3: Click on Zip Code Validator. You'll see a dialog box on your screen. Click on Enable Now to activate Zip Code Validator

That's it! You're good to go!

Configuring Zip Code Validator on the Dashboard

Head over to the Zip Code Validator Dashboard, and go to Settings

Click on the toggle switches to enable zip code checks for certain collections, or all products. You can even restrict checkout when an invalid zip code is entered.

Go to the Import Zipcodes section to upload a list of valid/relevant zipcodes.

โ€‹Note: You can upload upto 11000 zip codes at a time as a CSV file.

If you wanna check the list of zip codes that are currently active, go to the Active Zipcodes section

Head over to the Appearance section to customize the widget position and heading

Scroll down to customize the error and success messages when validating codes

How Zip code validator appears on the app:

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