Boost Product Filter & Search app allows shoppers to find the exact products they want on Shopify stores quickly and without any hassle! Here's how you can enable the plugin:

Step 1: Head over to the Plugins section of the Vajro admin dashboard, and click on View Collection

Step 2: You'll find BoostCommerce - Product Filter under the Search, Sort & Filter category. Click on it

Step 3: You'll see a dialog box appear on your screen when you click on BoostCommerce - Product Filter. Click on Enable Now to activate the plugin


If a collection URL used in shopify are tag based and in our app side we do not support fetching data only from one tag. We dont support two tags used in same URL for any integration but if two tags are linked using '+' which is preventing the collection from loading products.

If the configuration in the plugin are not matched and enabled on the app, there may be issues with the product sort order in the collection page.

How Boost commerce filter and sort displayed in app:

Optimize shopping experience with this nifty little tool and boost your conversion rates!

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