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How to Enable the GTranslate Plugin
How to Enable the GTranslate Plugin

Offer multi language support for your shoppers

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Reach new customers from all around the world by translating your shop into any number of languages with GTranslate. Here's how you can enable it!

Note: The plugin is available for our users from the Core plan onwards.

Step 1: Head over to the Plugins section of the Vajro admin dashboard, and click on View Collection

Step 2: You'll find GTranslate in the Translation category

Step 3: Click on GTranslate, and then click on Enable Now in the dialog box that appears on your screen.

Note: Get in touch with us right after you enable the plugin on the dashboard!


Vajro supports multi-language, collection page, product page and editing translation with the app and does not support image translation feature.

Translation on Navigation/Homepage|When any value is updated in home page/ navigation men/ quick links/about page, the translations will not come into effect immediately. It gets updated every 1 hour. For translations to come in effect immediately, we can go to Content Editor in dashboard and run Translation.

To switch the language on app > go to navigation menu > scroll to quick links > click on switch language

That's it!

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