Time to Rewynd!

Let your customers replay your live stream sale sessions and purchase products that were on display!

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We're super excited to launch Rewynd–live video replays in the Blynk module. You can now create a library of your past live sessions for your customers to rewatch and shop from.

From now on, whenever you go live, we'll keep a recording of it. You can then choose to display some or all of those recorded sessions to your customers on your app.

Rewynd is available for our users from the Core plan onwards.

How to set it up

Go to the Live Selling section in the left navigation pane. We've added a nifty component that's a step-by-step guide to setting the widget up.

  1. Finish your Live Sale - You need to have completed at least one live sale for this to work. This section lets you know if you have at least one recorded live sale.

  2. Enable Rewynd Widget - Adds the Rewynd widget on your app homepage.

  3. Configure Rewynd Widget - Redirects you to the Customize Content section where you'll be able to configure it like any other widget.

Enabling Rewynd

Go ahead and click on the Enable Widget button to get started.

Once you enable it, you can configure the widget. Click on the Configure button.

In the History section, you'll see a list of all your lives along with their details. All you need to do is to click on the three dots next to the live stream that you’d like to have replayed and click on the toggle button to enable the widget for this session.

To change the thumbnail, go to the History tab and click on the three dots next to the live session that you'd like a replay of. Click on Change Thumbnail in the dropdown menu.

You can upload a new thumbnail in the dialog box that pops up on your screen.

Et voila! There we go!

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