We're super excited to launch Rewynd–live video replays in Blynk module. You can now create a library of your past live sessions for your customers to rewatch and shop from.

From now on, whenever you go live, we'll keep a recording of it. You can then choose to display some or all of those recorded sessions to your customers on your app.

How to set it up

Head to the Blynk module in the left navigation pane. We've added a nifty component that's a step-by-step guide to setting the widget up.

  1. Finish a Live Sale - You need to have completed at least one live sale for this to work. This section lets you know if you have at least one recorded live sale.

  2. Enable Rewynd Widget - Adds the Rewynd widget on your app homepage.

  3. Configure Rewynd Widget - Redirects you to the Customize Content section where you'll be able configure it like any other widget.

Enabling Rewynd for specific videos

In the History section, you'll see a list of all your lives along with their details. Earlier, there was only one option to export the viewer list. Now, we've added a few more.

You can:

  1. Export the viewers

  2. View the products that went live and other details

  3. Enable/Disable Rewynd for a specific video i.e. the video replay won't be available for your customers if you disable this

  4. Download the video to your local device

Here's what you'll see when you disable a video:

Important Note:

1. Once you disable the video, it will disappear from the widget on your homepage

2. You can undo this and re-enable this video again in under 7 days, if you choose to do so

3. After 7 days , the video will be deleted and you will not be able to download it.

If you disable Rewynd for a live, we recommend you download the video so you can later use it you choose to do so. You can see an alert icon that will display the date until which the recording will be stored.

Here's what you'll see when the video is deleted:

How long does it take a recording to appear?

You'll see a clock icon next to each live session, indicating that the recording is being processed and is not yet available.

The processing time depends on the duration of your live video session. An hour long live session may take up to 6 hours to be processed and ready for your customers to watch.

We're working to cut these times short, 'cause we <3 you!

Configuring the Rewynd widget

Once you enable the Rewynd widget, it will appear in the widgets section in the Customize Content page along with the others. You'll find it at the bottom and can choose to rearrange it as you seem fit.

Clicking on this widget will reveal a form, where you can edit the title, how the videos should be sorted (you can sort by most viewed or most recent), and the number of videos that will appear on the widget.

Right now, we support up to a maximum of 6 videos.

How will it look in the mobile app?

The widget will appear like the other ones. Your customers will be able to see the title of the live, how many people saw it, and the date when you went live.

Clicking on a video will take them to the player where they can watch the live and shop from it.

  • At the top right there'll be the Rewynd icon indicating that the current video your customers are viewing is a replay and not live.

  • On the right side, your customers will see a bag and a hanger icon. The hanger lets your customers browse the products that went live and the items added to the cart appear in the bag.

  • The "Buy" icon at the bottom lets your customers shop the item that's being displayed.

  • Your customers will also see be able to browse through the products and view only those sections.

App update and previous lives

  1. You'll see a popup requesting you to update your user app to unlock the Rewynd feature. Go ahead and click on the CTA to place a production update request.

  2. Your live video sessions have been recorded since the second week of February 2021. So, when you enable Rewynd, you'll already have a bunch of live sessions to add to the widget. (Unless you haven't gone live since February 2021)

That's all for now. Let us know what you think. Hit us up if you need help with it or in updating your app to the latest version.

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