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A Simple Guide to Vajro's Push Notification Reports
A Simple Guide to Vajro's Push Notification Reports

Analyze the effectiveness of your push notifications and optimize customer engagement.

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Push notifications are one of the most powerful marketing channels that eCommerce stores use. Push notifications can increase your end-user engagement by up to 88%!

Many of our clients have asked us how to realize the true potential of push notifications. If you understand the current engagement numbers, you can get insight into the performance. This is exactly where Vajro’s Push Notification Reports come into the picture.

Where do I find it on my Vajro dashboard?

Head over to the Push Campaigns > Reports section to access the push notification reports. ​

You can use this section to analyze the campaigns that are either live or the ones you have sent in the past. These reports provide metrics such as CTR, clicked etc. to help you understand which campaign is working and which isn't.

You can optimize your engagement by experimenting with a few different combinations:

  • Different content sent at the same time of the week or

  • Same content sent at different times of the week to similar audiences

  • Different tones of the same content sent to different segmented audiences etc.

Click on the drop-down menu to select the type of push notification that you'd like to see the reports for. Under Manual Push Campaigns, here is a detailed list of all the metrics that we capture:

  • Title - The title of the campaign

  • Message - The message of the notification.

  • Sent Date - The date of launch of the campaign.

  • Status - Provides you details on the campaign: Scheduled, Delivered, vs Failed.

  • Summary - Pictorial representation of the delivery status of the message. It represents the number of messages delivered vs failed.

  • Total sent - Total number of users who were part the campaign.

  • Delivered - Total number of users who received the campaign.

  • Delivered Android - Number of successful deliveries to Android devices.

  • Delivered iOS - Number of successful deliveries to iOS devices.

  • Clicked - Number of clicks on the notification.

  • CTR - [Clicks/Total Sent] * 100 (in percentage). It is the ratio between the number of clicks on the notification and the total number of users.

  • Failed (Unsubscribed) - Message delivery failed, as these users have uninstalled the app or unsubscribed from notifications.

  • Failed (Error) - Number of notifications whose delivery failed due to technical errors.

  • Remaining - Queued notifications.

  • Total Sales - Sales generated within 6 hours of campaign delivery.

You can also export the push analytics reports from the dashboard in the form of a CSV file. These exports are available from the Reports tab with all the metrics provided.


A good CTR is around 8-10%. Here are a few ways for you to boost your CTR:

1. Using emojis would be a great way to convey emotion and increase engagement

2. Using words that create a sense of urgency. This helps to get your customers to engage with your notification.

3. 10 or fewer words have a higher CTR, average of 8.8%, as opposed to 11-20 words where the number dips to 4.9%

4. Personalizing the notifications based on the user behavior performs better than generic ones. You can use browsing history, location, birthday, etc. to create appropriate segments.


  • The Export of the analytics will not have real-time data. In other words, the reports will not have the details of the campaigns launched on the same day.

  • The export will not have Total Sales.

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