Push notifications are one of the most powerful marketing channels that eCommerce stores use to engage with their customers and potential target audience. Push notifications can increase your app engagement by upto 88%!

We have noticed that many of our clients have not been able to leverage the true potential of push notifications, simply due to the lack of understanding of the kind of engagement they could get from it. This dilemma prompted us to develop Push Notification Analytics, to help you gain insight into how well your notifications are performing and what kind of engagement you could draw from them!

Here’s what you need to know about Vajro’s Push Notification Reports!

Where do I find it on my Vajro Admin dashboard

To access your Push Notification Reports, head over to the Reports section on your Vajro admin dashboard

You can now analyze the notifications that are live, or from the past to understand what kinda notifications hit the right chord with your audience to optimize your engagement. You can see the number of people the notifications have been sent to, the number of clicks and the CTR to understand your notifications’ performance!

Click on the drop down menu to select the type of push notification that you'd like to see the reports for

You can see the number of people the notifications have been sent to, how many people have opened it, the CTR to understand your notifications’ performance, and also the sales made out of the notification itself!

Sent on: The date and time the push notification was sent out

Total Sent: The total number of people the notification was sent to

Opened: The number of people who have opened the particular notification

Total Sales: The amount of sales made through the respective notification

CTR: The ratio between the number of people who clicked on the notification & the total number of people the notification was sent to. CTR will be represented in percentage.

CTR = (Clicks/Total) * 100

Pro-tip: A good CTR would be 8-10%

Here are a few ways for you to boost your CTR:

1. Using emojis would be a great way to convey an emotion and increase engagement

2. Using words that create a sense of urgency is a great way to get your customers to engage with your notification

3. 10 or fewer words have a higher CTR of 8.8%, as opposed to 11-20 words where it dips to 4.9%

4. Personalizing the notifications based on user’s browsing history, gender, location, birthday etc, perform better than generic ones

So, what should I do to avail the feature?

Nothing! The feature is available for all customers from the Startup plan onwards! All you need is the Vajro Admin app and you’re all good!

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