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Sending Out Manual Push Campaigns
Sending Out Manual Push Campaigns

Learn how to launch one off push campaigns with Vajro

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Push notifications are the best way to engage your customers on a personal level. With Vajro, you can send custom notifications or automated notifications for specific scenarios.

Head over to Vajro’s dashboard and go to Push Campaigns > Manual to start sending manual campaigns.

To start with, pick where you want the notifications to go. You get to choose if the notifications go to devices that run on Android or iOS or both.

You can also choose to deliver the message in several languages. Give your campaign a title which is less than 50 characters and a message. You can even use Vajro AI to craft your title message in any tone of your choice.

Rich Media Notifications

You can include images or GIFs to make the push notifications eye-catching and to convey more information. The recommended size for the image or GIF is 1000px X 500px. It is optional, but we recommend using media to make your notifications enticing.

You can also add videos to your push notification messages. Make sure the video is less than 50MB and is in one of the following formats - MPEG, MPEG4, AVI, or MP4.

The feature is available only when you target your iPhone users as of now, and for our Premium plan and above!

Add an appropriate link to your notification to redirect your customers to.

You can also segment the audience receiving the push notifications. Note: the advanced targeting feature is available from the Core plan and the Shopify Segments is available from the Premium plan and above.

And we saved the best for the last. For all you busy brands out there, you can set it and then forget it. Your campaigns will go out like clockwork, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best—creating memorable experiences for your customers. If you are looking to learn more about how to schedule the push campaigns ahead of time, please follow this link.

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