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Sending Out Automated Notifications
Sending Out Automated Notifications

Automate welcome messages, and also recapture your lost audience through inactive user notifications and abandoned cart notifications.

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Imagine having to send a welcome message to everyone who downloads your app or every abandoned cart. It would be cumbersome, right?

The solution? Automated Push Notifications.

Vajro lets you send 3 different kinds of automated notifications.

  • An abandoned cart notification - to remind users when they leave items on their cart.

  • Welcome users campaign - to guide new users

  • Revive inactive users campaign - to welcome dormant users.

Head over to Push Notifications > Automated tab on your Vajro dashboard.


This feature is available in the Premium and Plus plans.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Step 1: Add a Campaign Title, a Message, and an Image or a GIF. Note: Ensure the image is 1000px * 500px.

Step 2: Use Set Instance to create rules that the automated push campaign will follow. Example: To send a push notification after 30 minutes of abandoning any item, use the setting shown in image below.

Step 3: Once you’re done click on the Save and Apply button.

Welcome Users Campaign

DYK: 77% of users drop off within the first three days of trying a new store. You can convert these users into customers with well-timed welcome messages with Vajro.

Revive Inactive Users Campaign

Push notifications are also a great way to retarget customers who haven’t used your app in a while. The setup is the same as that of the abandoned cart notifications: Step 1- the title, the message and an image/GIF to go with it. Step 2 - Set instance and done.

With that we have seen how to set up all three types of automated push campaigns.

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