It’s cumbersome to be sending a welcome message to everyone who downloads your app or every abandoned cart. The solution? Automated Push Notifications.

Vajro lets you send 3 different kinds of automated notifications - an Abandoned cart notification, a Welcome Users Campaign, and a Revive Inactive Users campaign.

Head over to the Push Notifications section on your Vajro dashboard, and go to the Automated Push Notifications tab.

Note: The feature is available only for our users in the Premium and Plus plans.

We’ve already taken care of the preliminary steps required to set up the notifications. The customizations are all yours to work on.

To get started with, head over to the Automated Push Notifications tab in the Push Notification section on your Vajro admin dashboard

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Add a title, a message and an image or a gif to go with it. Just make sure the image is 1000px * 500px. Once you’re done click on the “Save as Admin” button. Simple, right? According to global statistics, more than 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned before a sale. Abandoned cart notifications will help you convert more and improve revenue by 3x.

Welcome Users Campaign

Setting up welcome users campaigns is very similar to that of abandoned cart notifications. 77% of daily active users drop off within the first three days after installing the app. You can retain these customers with a well-timed welcome message with Vajro.

Revive Inactive Users Campaign

Push notifications are also a great way to retarget customers who haven’t used your app in a while. The setup is similar to that of the previous notifications - the title, the message and an image/GIF to go with it.

Psst! We offer rich media notifications! Use them, entice your customers and engage better!

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