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Retrieval of API JSON file - Android
Retrieval of API JSON file - Android
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Sharing the API JSON file is crucial as it improves app performance through app updates, strengthens app security, and streamlines app management. This help document provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to upload API JSON file for android apps.

Create service account

Step 1 - Log in to the Google Play Console with credentials that has Owner


Step 2 -In another tab, log in to the Google Cloud Console with the same credentials used in step 1.

Step 3 -In the Google Cloud Console, click Select a project.

Step 4 - If you already have a project, skip this and the next point. Otherwise, click NEW PROJECT.

Step 5 - In the Project name field, enter Google Play Console Developer1 and click the CREATE button. Then, refresh the page.

Step 6 - Select the created project - Google Play Console Developer1. You can also select an existing project.

Step 7 - From the hamburger menu, navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts.


Step 9 - Enter the Service account name as Vajro Mobile App Builder and click CREATE AND CONTINUE.

Step 10 - Click the Select a role dropdown.

Step 11 -Select the Service Account User option from the dropdown.

Step 12 - Click + ADD ANOTHER ROLE.

Step 13 - Click Basic and then select the Viewer role.

Step 14 - Click CONTINUE to associate the selected roles.

Step 15 - Click DONE.

Step 16 - Once created, copy and save the email ID of the created service account. Note that this will be used in a later step. Click on the newly created account under Service accounts.

Step 17 - Navigate to the KEYS tab.

Step 18 - Click ADD KEY button and then select Create new key option.

Step 19 - Select the key type as JSON and click CREATE. This will download the API key as a .json file. Upload the same file in the dashboard.

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