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Inviting Vajro to your Apple Developer Account
Inviting Vajro to your Apple Developer Account

Invite Vajro to your Developer Accounts in a few simple steps!

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To upload the mobile app for your store onto the Apple App Store, Vajro team needs to be invited as a collaborator to your Developer Accounts. This will allow you to focus on other launch activities while our team can create, modify, and manage your app.

There are two types of Apple Developer accounts: Individual and Organization, and there are a few additional steps for Organizational accounts.

Please follow the steps in the Individual Account section even if you have an Organization account.

Individual Account

Step 1: Log in to your AppStore Connect account.

Step 2: Click on Users and Access.

Step 3: Go to People and click the + button to add a user.

Step 4: Enter the details as follows:

First Name: Vajro

Last Name: Team

Step 5: Select Admin under the Roles section and click Next to complete the process.

Organization Account

Follow the procedure mentioned above first to invite Vajro as a collaborator to your Organization account. After you complete the invitation process, you will have to generate an API key and share it with the Vajro team.

Note: You can submit your key file and other details by filling out this form.

Here’s how you can generate your API key and fetch all the necessary details to complete the process.

Step 6: Go to the Integrations tab, and click the + button to generate a new API Key.

Step 7: Enter Vajro Mobile App under Name, and select Admin under Access. Once you’re done, click Generate.

Step 8: Once the API Key is generated, Copy the Issuer ID And the Key ID as you will need to share this with Vajro.

Step 9: Get the API Key by clicking the Download button.

Step 10: Go to the Reports section.

Step 11: Copy the Vendor# as shown in the screenshot below. You will share this number with Vajro in the next step.

Once you submit all the details using this form, Vajro team will be invited as a collaborator to your developer account.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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