We will need an invite to your Developer Accounts so that we can submit the store's apps on your behalf. 

Apple's processes tend to be a bit complex in their effort to keep things legit and free of fraud. That's also where their reputation lies. So for this, we will require you to invite us in 2 places - Apple Developer Account and Apple App Store Connect

Apple Developer Account

To complete all the necessary set-ups and to upload the iOS app, you will have to invite us as Admin, as we will be creating the necessary developer certificates, APP ID and profile needed to upload the app.

  1. Go to: https://developer.apple.com/account/

2. Log in using your Apple Developer Account.
3. Click Overview in the left plane.
4. Then click on People in the right plane. (Can't find the People section? Please contact us using the chat option at bottom left of the page.)
5. Click on Invite People button.
6. Under Invite as Admins, add [email protected] and then click on Invite.

Apple App Store Connect 

Additionally, you will have to give us access to the Apple App Store Connect website. This is the site where we need to upload screenshots and store descriptions, and communicate with Apple.

To send the invite:

  1. Log in to App Store Connect.

2. Select "Users and Roles"
3. Click on the "+" sign under iTunes Connect users and beside Users to add, well, users!
4. Fill in the Details:
        First Name: Vajro
        Last name: Team
        Email ID: [email protected]
5. Click Next
6. Select "Admin" as Role
7. Click on Next
8. Change App Status Reports to "All territories," and change Developer Response to "Ye." Other values remain the same as the default values.
9. Click Save

We will accept your invitation, and submit the app to the App Store within one business day. Apple may take upto 2-3 Working days to make the app live.

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