You have installed our app!

Now let's start building it!

You will see a list of all the different kinds of widgets you have in the app: Sliding Banners, Image Grid, Banner Images and Product Grid.

You will also see the image of a smartphone on the right. Well, that's not a static image, but is scrollable! You can scroll within the image to see the full preview (in real time) of the images and banners you are editing.

To see a fully functional demo on your phone, and a real-time update of the customisations you make in the console, you have to download our Vajro Admin App from Play Store:

To take a look at the demo on your iPhone, use the below link to install our Vajro Admin App:

Once you have installed Vajro Admin app in Android or iOS device, you can go to Preview your App section in Vajro Dashboard to scan the QR Code so it will take you to your store automatically.

Let's start with a basic understanding of the widgets.

It would look something like this:

It will have the following options:

  1. Customise Button: This shows all the options available for you for a particular widget.

2. Hide Button: This will hide a particular widget. You can view the changes in the phone on the right side.

3. Edit Button: This button is to enter the URL you want the particular image to lead to. For example, if you want the image of a dress to go to a particular collection of dresses, you just put that URL here.

4. Upload Button: Here you can upload the image of your choice from your computer, or you can simply put in the web address.

5. Delete Button: This deletes a particular image or banner.

6. Plus Option: This lets you add any number of images or banners.

Now, here are some screenshots to demonstrate all the widget editing:

  1. Start with the slider images. You can put groups of banners here. These are the first images a person sees when they land on your site, so choose attractive banners to make the images look appealing. Click the Customise button to start uploading images.

2. Click Upload.

3. Select an image from your system to upload. The size should be 1024x600.

4. Click Upload.

5. This is how the image will be uploaded. It will also appear in the phone on the right side of the page.

6. Now, the image must function. That is to say, when the user clicks the image it should take them to that particular URL. To do that, click Edit.

7. Then type the URL you want the image to redirect to. Click Save.

8. You can also hide the entire "Slider Images" section. This will leave you with the image grid being on top. You can un-hide it whenever you want. This is an alternate to deleting all the images, in case you are feeling ambivalent about them.

9. Now, in case you want to delete some images, just hit the delete button. There are slots for 5 images; if you want fewer images,simply delete the extra slots.

10. If you accidentally clicked the delete button, don't panic. A confirmation message appears; click No if you don't want to delete it, or click Yes if you decide you want it deleted after all.

11.If you want more slider images, you can add them by clicking the plus sign (+).

12. The same procedure has to be done for the Image Grid. Point to note: the Image Grid is primarily suited for collections. So you can put images of the collection here which, when clicked, redirect them to the collections page. 

13. The Product Grid again is more suited for collections. Begin by typing the Title.

14. Then you type the initials of the collection URL. (It prompts automatically). Another point to note: it will only have the collections that are already present on your website; that is how everything is auto-synced. If you want something, like Featured Products or New Arrivals, you will first have to create that collection on the website, and then you can bring it into the app.

15. Now comes the Instagram Grid. Click on the Customise button.

16. There, add a title that you need to write along with your Instagram handle.

17. Click Sync from Instagram. It’s an auto sync feature so your Instagram posts will be auto-synced every day.

Whatever changes you make will be saved automatically. 

Do let us know if you are stuck somewhere or you have any queries by writing in the chat or mailing us at [email protected].

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