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How to enable App-User discounts
How to enable App-User discounts

Configure discount coupons for your android and iOS app users. To increase app downloads and sales

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App-user discounts can help improve user engagement on the app. It's the best way to draw customers to your app and cultivate lifelong loyalty.

To learn different strategies to increase loyalty with a mobile app, read this particular article or visit Vajro’s Loyalty Hub.


The feature is available for our users from all pricing plans.

Note: To offer an app-user discount, you must have a coupon code created on Shopify. If you haven’t done this yet, check out this article to create a coupon code on Shopify.

Enable and configure the coupon on Vajro

Step 1: Go to Vajro dashboard > Settings > Highlights > App-User Discounts. Click on the toggle button to enable it.

Step 2: Copy the coupon code from your Shopify dashboard and enter it here under Coupon Code.

Step 3: Enter a Success Message and click on Save changes and Enable.

Note: Enable All users option if you want to allow registered shoppers to use the coupon during guest checkout (in case they’ve logged out of their app).

Coupon code verification

To verify the activation of the coupon code, go to the Shopify dashboard > Discounts and select the discount that you created.

Under Details, you will be able to see that the discount is For Mobile App Users only.


  • To offer app-user discounts in Shopify, we must use customer tags. Any user tagged as iPhone or Android user will be able to use the coupon. This applies to the online store as well. However, your users won’t get the discount unless they install the app and log into their account at least once.

  • If you are looking for app-exclusive discounts, you can check out Auto Discounts

If you have any questions, reach out to us using the chat button on your Vajro dashboard, or write to us at [email protected].

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