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Enabling Facebook Analytics and Facebook SDK
Enabling Facebook Analytics and Facebook SDK

Advertise and drive app downloads on Facebook and analyze user behavior

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Facebook SDK enables you to advertise your app on Facebook and drive downloads. You can analyze customer behavior and formulate your marketing strategy with Facebook Analytics. Here's how you can enable it!

For enabling Facebook Analytics and Facebook SDK, Business Verification is mandatory for the Facebook developer account

Creating an app

Step 1: Log in to and click on Create an App.

Step 2: Click on Business, and then click on Next

Step 3: Enter your App Name under Display Name, and click on Create App.

Step 4: Click on Roles, go to Add Administrator, and enter elakkiyadevis. Once you're done, click on the Submit button.

Verifying Business in Facebook Developer Account

Step 1: Connect your app to Business

Load your app in the App Dashboard and go to Settings > Basic > Verification and click the Start Verification button or the + Business Verification link if you have previously completed Individual Verification.

If your Facebook developer account is already associated with a Facebook Business account, you will be given the option to select a Business within it:

If you don't have a Facebook Business account, or if your account contains no Businesses, you will be prompted to create one.

Connecting your app to a verified Business completes the connection process and there's nothing else you have to do. The Verification section should show that your app is now connected to a verified Business:

If, however, you connected your app to an unverified Business, you must complete the verification process in the Business Manager.

Step 2: Verify your Business

If you connected your app to an unverified Business, you or the Admin of the Business must complete the verification process with the Business Manager.

Business selection modal with an unverified Business selected.

Click Start Business Verification to load the unverified Business in the Business Manager and complete the verification process.

Refer to our Business Manager Help Center's About Business Verification topic for an explanation of the process and a list of documents you will need.

Once you have completed verification, return to the Basic Settings panel. You should see that your app is now connected to a verified Business:

Verification section showing 'Verified' alongside the name of the Business that has been connected to the app.

Enabling Facebook SDK

Step 1: Go to your Facebook App dashboard. You'll see an App ID at the top left. Copy the App ID.

Step 2: Head over to the Plugins section of the Vajro admin dashboard, and click on View Collection

Step 3: Find Facebook Ad SDK under the Analytics category and click on it

Step 4: Paste the App ID that you copied from the Facebook App dashboard in the dialog box that appears on your screen

Click on Save & Enable Now.

Note: Let us know when you're done! We'll roll out an update that'll enable the feature for your mobile app!

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