With Vajro you can easily add chat support for your app. You support popular Chat tools like Zendesk (Zopim) and Facebook Messenger. In the near future you can expect more options, like Freshchat, Hotline etc.

To add Zendesk chat to your app, you need your Zendesk Chat account key. You will find the key on the Zendesk Chat dashboard. If you don't have access, ask somebody who does to perform the following steps:

Step 1: In the Chat dashboard, click the triple-dot icon below your profile icon which is on the upper right corner of the page. Select Check Connection.

Step 2: Copy and save the account key. It should be the second item on the list.

Step 3: Head over to the Integrations section on your Vajro admin dashboard

Step 4: Find Zendesk chat in the Chat category

Step 5: You'll see a dialog box on your screen once you click on the plugin asking for the Account Key. Paste the key that you copied from the Zendesk console, and click on "Save & Enable" to successfully activate the plugin on your app

And you're all good to go!

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