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How to enable Tidio Live Chat?
How to enable Tidio Live Chat?

Chat with your customers, boost their engagement, and watch your sales go through the roof

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Optimize your engagement and boost conversions with Tidio Live chat. Here's how you can activate Tidio Live chat for your app!


What you can do with the plugin

  • Chatbots

  • Chatbot templates

  • Track users visiting

  • Analytics

  • Contact section

  • Improve offline hours experience

  • Emails

  • Set operating hours

  • Users can share files in the following formats:

    .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .txt, .rtf, .xlsx, .docx, .pdf, .gif

  • Customize the look and feel of the app

What we don't support

  • Conversations

  • Bots launcher

  • AI response bot

  • Strategies - Welcome users, cart saver, Post-purchase discount

  • Sidebar

  • Chat page

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Instagram


The integration is available for our users from the Core plan onwards.

Enabling the plugin

Step 1: Go to the Tidio Live chat dashboard. In the Settings page, you'll see a section that says "Public Key". Copy the key.

Step 2: Head over to the Plugins section of the Vajro admin dashboard, and click on View Collection.

Step 3: You'll find Tidio Live chat under the Chat category. Click on it.

Step 4: You'll see a dialog box on your screen requesting the Public Key. Paste the key that was copied from the Tidio live chat dashboard in Step 1, and click on Save & Enable Now.

What your customers will see on the app

Et voila! You're done and good to go!

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