You may enable Facebook Messenger for your app by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to the About page in your Facebook account as given in the image.

2. Copy the link which is high lighted and go to “Features & Integrations” in Vajro console.

3. Paste the link in Facebook messenger to enable the same.

Once you click “Save changes & enable”, the changes you make to this integration reflects instantly in your mobile app.


Features supported

Visual pop-up
Facebook messenger live chat
Automated response

We support only the chat button feature on the homepage of the app and not in collection or product page, while clicking on this the user will be redirected to the Facebook Messenger app further.
If the app user is not having Facebook Messenger app, after clicking on the chat button, the user will be redirected to install the Messenger app.

How Facebook Messenger chat displayed in app:

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