It’s time to upgrade your mobile app appearance with Vajro’s brand new Video widget!

Upload and display product and promotional videos on your app’s home page and enhance your patrons’ shopping experience.

You can watch a video of how it works and how to set it up. Or, you can read it text form below.

Video widgets are available for our users from the Core plan onwards.

Step 1: Go to the Edit Home page on your Vajro Admin Console and click on the "+" button as indicated in the image below

Step 2: Find “Video” among the widgets in the popup that appears on the right side of your screen

Step 3: Select the Video widget from your widget list

Step 4: Enter the details in the respective fields

Video URL: The URL of the video you’d like to have displayed on the widget

How to get the Video URL

Step 1: Go to your Shopify store and click on Settings

Step 2: Choose Files from Settings

Step 3: Upload files and choose your video file to upload. Please note that videos should be less than 20 MB. The widget only supports .mp4 and .mov formats.

You can use tools like or to compress the Video to 20 MB.

Step 4: Copy the URL field from Shopify on the Video URL option in Vajro console.

Redirect URL: Enter the URL that your customers will be redirected to when they click on the video.

Step 5: Once the video is set up, you can click on the settings button at the top left where you’ll see a drop-down menu with the following options:

Duplicate: Clone the video widget to have multiple videos.

Hide: To quickly toggle & hide the video widget from the homepage.

Schedule: Schedule to video to start and end at the specified time. If not scheduled, the video will start from the time it was setup).

The video can be seen on the mobile app from the Widget Display Time even though you can set it way before. Widget’s Hide Time indicates the time and date the widget disappears from your app's homepage. If not scheduled, the countdown timer will start from the time it was setup.

Note: The Schedule feature is available only for Power Premium users.

Delete Layout: Delete the widget completely

Note: The widget only supports .mp4 and .mov formats currently.

The feature is available for Vajro’s customers from the Growth plan onwards! Enjoy the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing homepage and improve your shoppers’ mobile shopping experience!

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