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How to Enable App-only Discounts
How to Enable App-only Discounts

Configure discount coupons only for your android and iOS app users to increase app downloads and sales

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Offering discounts on purchases is a way to quickly draw more customers to your store. In addition to this, offering discounts exclusively for a set of customers who use mobile app will excite your customers to shop more and improve sales!


Enabling this feature is super easy - let's take it from the top, shall we?

Creating a coupon on your Shopify dashboard

Step 1: Head over to your Shopify dashboard, and go to the Discounts section

Step 2: Click on the Create Discount button at the top right

Step 3: Select Discount code in the dialog box that appears on your screen

Step 4: Give the discount code a title, or click on Generate code at the top right of the text box for an auto-generated coupon code. You can pick the type of discount you'd like to offer for this action as well before you proceed

Step 5: Make sure the Customer eligibility is set to Everyone

Note: When you activate the coupon code on Vajro, the discount will default to mobile app users only.

Step 6: Click on Save discount code when you're done making all the configurations

Configuring the coupon on your Vajro dashboard

Step 1: Head over to the Settings section on your Vajro admin dashboard, and find App-Only Discounts under the Highlights tab

Step 2: In the dialog box that appears on your screen, enter the title of the coupon code that you used on the Shopify dashboard. Type in a message that you'd like to have displayed when the discount is opted by your customers.

Step 3: Click on Save changes and Enable when you're done. And done! You've successfully activated the App only discount coupon on your Vajro admin dashboard

Verification of the coupon code

To verify the activation of the coupon code, head over to the Discounts section on your Shopify dashboard. Make sure the customer eligibility is changed to “Specific groups of customers”, and on the right side you will see “For mobile App Users Customers” listed under Summary

Important Notes and Best Practices:

  • The only way to offer app-only discounts in Shopify is based on customer tags. So, users tagged as iPhone or Android users, can still use the same coupon in the Online store as well.

  • The purpose of app-only discounts is to drive app downloads; Your shoppers can’t avail the discount, unless they install the app and log into their account at least once.

  • If you set up the coupon through the Auto Coupon Code feature, shoppers won't be able to see and use the coupon on the website.

  • It's not necessary to disclose the coupon code our in emails, newsletters, social media; the discounted amount will be displayed automatically when the tagged user views the app.

Et voila! We're here to simplify your mobile app selling experience, and that's exactly what we've done here with the App-only discounts. Enjoy better customer retention, and eventually more conversions!

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