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How to create your Google developer account and invite Vajro to it
How to create your Google developer account and invite Vajro to it
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Creating a Google Developer Account

It's necessary to have a Google Play Developer account for your company, and publish the app in your own name. This not only gives you an increased sense of brand ownership, but also improves the visibility of your store and helps the company get discovered better, thereby improving the SEO and ASO.


Here's how you can create a Google Developer Account!

Step 1: Go to and sign in to your account

Step 2: You've to select an option, whether you're going to create the developer account for personal use or business use.

Step 3: You have to enter the details according to your previous selection(Personal or Business use). Please note, you need to verify the email address and phone number.

​Personal use:

Business use:

Step 4: Enter payment details and click on Buy

Note: Google Developer account costs $25

Step 5: You'll see a dialog box on your screen confirming your payment and click on Continue Registration

Once you're done with the registration, it's mandatory to complete the identity verification. Please follow the below steps to complete the identity verification.

Step 6: Once you're done with the registration, you have to complete the identity verification.

Step 7: When clicked on Verify your identity option, you will be redirected to the page where you should type your Name, Address.

Step 8: Click on "Upload a photo of your valid government issues photo ID" and upload your photo identity proof.

Once you have submitted the photo ID proof, Google would take two business days to verify it and approve the developer account.

Inviting Vajro to your Google Developer Account

We require an Invitation to your Developer Accounts so that we can submit the store's app on your behalf.

To invite us to your Google Developer Account, you will have to invite us as a Release Manager.

Step 1: Go to Users & Permissions in the Settings section on your Google Play Console

Step 2: Click on "Invite new user"

Step 3: On the "Invite a new user" screen, enter the email [email protected] and uncheck the Access Expiry button. Under App permissions, click Add App and check the Select All button. Once you're done, click on Invite user

Once you click on Account permission --> Admin --> Invite user --> Send invite.

We will accept your invite, and submit the app to Google Play Store within one business day. It takes Google around 7-10 working days to approve your app.


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