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What is the mobile app sales milestone?
What is the mobile app sales milestone?

Understanding mobile app sales milestones

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Traditionally, e-commerce platforms that want to drive value to their customers, have adopted different methods to contribute to their customer’s success and participate in it. The most common ones are the success fee-based model and the sales milestones-based model.


Our customers mentioned that the problem with the success/transaction fee based model is that these variable pricing models are not easy to plan ahead of time. So we listened to you and have brought a fixed pricing model that you can use to plan ahead for your growth and align with other spends. This fixed model:

  • Consists of 4 pricing plan levels with a mobile app sales milestone for each level, and upon completing each milestone (with sustained growth) you get upgraded to the next level.

  • Applies to the mobile app sales (Vajro-driven) only, and not the numbers from other channels of sales.

  • Aims to maximize your revenue and ROI and we help you with our expertise and the feature packages that we have built for you.

How would Vajro contribute to your success?

  • Based on Vajro’s experience with 5000+ customers over the last 5 years, we have hand-crafted feature packages as part of each pricing level that can help you the most in reaching those milestones.

  • Our CSMs can assist with launching your new mobile app and can provide tips on how to bring downloads so that you can easily reach the first milestone.

  • As you can see from the graph below, the jump between each mobile app sales milestone is quite significant. Our CSMs can provide expert advice on specific features that can add value to your particular industry vertical or specific to your store to take your mobile app sales to the next level.

Mobile app sales milestone jumps in between each level!

  • CSMs can also assist in enabling these features at each level to provide a superior experience to your clients.

    • Ex: On reaching the “Core” level, our CSM will recommend features like Segmented push campaigns, back-in-stock alerts, etc. if your store needs help with increasing engagement and retention.

What is sustained growth when it comes to mobile app sales?

  • We understand that e-commerce stores have seasonal business at specific times of the year. So we use a trailing 90-day basis to calculate the monthly revenue from the mobile app and use this to see if the growth is sustained. Only if it exceeds the milestone over that entire period of time, will you be upgraded to the next plan. This will ensure seasonality does not impact your pricing level with Vajro.

  • In the new plan, our CSMs will work with you towards reaching your next sales milestone by offering personalized recommendations of features to choose from. And in the higher plans, our CSMs level of involvement will also continually increase as our success is tied to yours.

What if I want to use higher-level features without reaching the mobile app sales milestone?

You can choose to upgrade at any time and start benefiting from any of the available features in that level. This is regardless of the mobile app sales numbers achieved. Similarly, if you want to downgrade to a different level please reach out to your CSM and talk to us about it.

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