The all new Live video selling dashboard for an enhanced experience that boosts sales & revenue - say hello to Blynk! The focus with this revamp is on an intuitive and refreshing user interface with powerful functionalities.

Here’s how you set it up!

Step 1: Go to your Vajro admin dashboard, and click on Live Video.

When you’re a first time user, this is what you’ll see! On this screen, hit the “Start a Live Video Sale” button to start your setup

If you have used Vajro’s Live sales feature previously, here’s what you’ll see.

🛈 Please note that while the sale is being setup, it stays in pending status on the dashboard!

Step 2: When you click on Create a Live Video sale, you will see a popup with the following fields

Live Video Name: Make it easier for yourself to recognize sessions by entering a title for your live video sale session

Select/Scan Products: Add products that you wish to display before or during the session either manually or using a barcode scanner

Select Target Audience: Select the media you’d like your live sale to be streamed on

Push Notification: Send a customized notification to your patrons to let them know of the Live sale session

Step 3: Click on Live Video Name and enter a title for your live video session. We've now made it mandatory for you to give a name for your sessions.

Step 4: When you click on Select/Scan Products, you can either add products manually from the inventory or using a barcode scanner

Manual selection can be done by clicking on the drop down menu and picking products out. Products once added, are automatically saved in the dashboard. If you wish to delete a product, click on the delete button next to the respective product on the list.

Barcode Scanning is a quite straightforward process. You just need to scan the barcode of the product you’d like to sell on the live sale, and it’d automatically get added to the product list.

🛈 Please note that you require a physical barcode scanner and printed barcode label for you to be able to use this functionality. Your product is required to have either the SKU or the barcode in order to be able to add it to the product list.

They can scan all the products in their store. However, if the product is not available for Vajro sales channel during checkout, it will automatically be removed from cart on your mobile app!

If the product is unavailable on Vajro sales channel, it will create a checkout URL but without any product on Facebook during the auto-invoicing process!

Once your product is added successfully, you’ll get a notification indicating the same at the top of your dashboard.

Once the setup is complete, you'll need to setup the session on your Vajro admin app as well!

Step 1: Go to your Vajro admin app on your mobile, and click on the Live Video Sales section at the bottom. Once you're ready to start the session, click on "Start Now!"

Step 2: Click on Start Live at the bottom of the screen, and then you'll see a prompt on your screen saying that your live sale setup is pending.

Step 3: Once the sale has been setup on your dashboard, you're good to go live!

The Dashboard

  • Click on the Add product button to select products that are to be displayed on the live session either manually or using a barcode scanner

  • Specify what your customers need to comment on your Facebook page streams in order to buy a specific product.

  • The user can look around the rack and view any product specs while a product is live, and see which product is live at the moment on the Control section

The Selected button indicates the product currently being displayed on the session. The View button beneath each product enables the user to select any product from the rack to display next. You will be able to move around the Control section to preview the products that are currently on the rack.

At the end of your Live sale session, you will see a prompt popup on your screen letting you know that your session has successfully completed. You will be able to download a CSV report of all the customers that participated in the live session and analyze the efficiency of your session.

Note: Minimum App version required. Please contact Support team.

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