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Live Selling with Vajro
Adding Vajro to your Private Facebook Group
Adding Vajro to your Private Facebook Group

Here's how you can go live on a private Facebook Group

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Facebook has two types of pages: classic Pages and new Pages experience. Classic Pages are the older version of Pages, while new Pages experience is the newer version. Click here to see if your Page is in the classic or new Page experience.

Though Classic Pages are still functional, Facebook is gradually phasing them out.

The new Pages experience offers more features and functionality than classic Pages.

Understanding the difference between classic Pages and the new Pages experience is crucial for maximizing your Facebook presence.

One of the key differences between classic Pages and new Pages experience is how they connect to groups. In the past, classic Pages could simply join groups. However, new Pages experience must be added as group admins, since they have more control over their presence in groups.

In order to initiate live selling on your Facebook group, it's necessary to first connect your Facebook group with either the classic or new Pages experience. This connection is a prerequisite before you can set up a live selling on the Live Selling Dashboard. Please follow the provided instructions below to establish the link between your Facebook Page and the group.

Link Your Facebook Page and Group - Classic Page

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Group and scroll down to Group Settings under Settings from the left menu.

Step 2: In the Group Settings page, scroll to the bottom and click the ‘’Edit’’ icon next to Apps under Manage advanced settings.

Step 3: Click on the Add Apps button.

Link Your Facebook Page and Group - New Page Experience

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Once on the home page, select Groups from the left menu.

Step 3: Create a new group or select an existing group.

Step 4: From the selected page, click on the ‘’Profile’’ icon in the top right corner.

Step 5: To switch to the desired page, click the "Switch Profiles" button or select the page from the See All Profiles option.

Step 6: Click on Join Group from the selected page.

Step 7: Click on the ‘Profile’’ icon again to switch back to your user profile.

Step 8: Switch back to your user profile.

Step 9: From your user profile on the group page select People from the top menu.

Step 10:You'll now be able to see the selected page under ''Members'' along with your user profile

Step 11: Tap the ‘’More Options’’ button.

Step 12: To invite the page to be an admin of the group, click Invite as admin.

Step 13: Click on Send Invitation.

Step 14: Click on the ‘’Profile’’ icon.

Step 15: To switch from the User profile to the page profile, click "Switch Profile".

Step 16: You will see an invite to become an admin for the group.

Step 17: Click Accept to make the page as the group's admin.

Step 18: Navigate to the user profile page and select the group from the menu on the left.

Step 19: Click on Group Settings.

Step 20: Click on the ‘’Edit’’ button next to Apps under Manage advanced settings.

Step 21: Click on Add Apps.

Step 23: Type in "Vajro" in the search bar on the left.

Step 24: Click on "Vajro" from the search result.

Step 25: Click Add from the Add app to this group dialog box.

Step 26: You will see a confirmation that says "You’ve added Vajro - Mobile App Builder and it can now be used in this group”

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