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Setting Up a Countdown Timer
Setting Up a Countdown Timer

Leverage FOMO by counting down to your offers and product launches

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Countdown timers help build a sense of anticipation among your shoppers, and are used to keep them informed of upcoming sales events and product launches! Vajro’s Flash Sales Countdown Timer has been built to assist you in improving your engagement with your shoppers and boosting your conversion rate!

The countdown timer for product drops and launches is available only for our users from the Premium plan onwards.

To set up the countdown timer:

Step 1: Go to the Customize Content section on your Vajro Admin Console and add a Countdown Timer widget. Click on it to select then drag and drop it to a desired spot. Click on the widget to customize it.

Step 2: The edit icon lets you add a title, the date and the time.

Add a title and schedule it!

Step 4: Next, add the banner which will replace the timer when it ends. Click on upload or drag and drop an image or a GIF.

Upload an image or a GIF from your computer, or a website

Step 6: Enter the URL to redirect shoppers on clicking the banner image which appears after the countdown timer ends. This is optional

When you click on the settings button, you’ll see a drop-down menu with the following options:

Here’s what you can do with each option:

Duplicate: Clone the countdown timer to have multiple countdown timer widgets.

Hide: To quickly toggle and hide the timer widget from the homepage.

Schedule: Schedule the timer to be displayed at a time of your choice.

The timer can be seen on the mobile app from the Widget Display Time even though you can set it way before. The widget’s Hide Time indicates the time and date the timer (or the banner image which replaces it) disappears from your app's homepage. If not scheduled, the countdown timer will start from the time it was set up.

Delete Layout: Delete the widget.

That's it. Your countdown timer is all set up. You can use it for flash sales, product launches, special promotions, price drops, live streaming sessions, and more to create powerful psychological triggers of curiosity and excitement.

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